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What Clients said

I've worked with many designers over the years and I've found that if a designer is very good, they tend to be slow. I've also found that designers who tend to move quickly, also struggle to consistently create good work. Reghardt is the only designer I've worked with who not only produces incredibly high quality designs, but he does them quickly. On top of all that he is very responsive. I can't recommend him and his work enough.

Dan Putt
Reghardt created a logo design for our company We liked his work so much that we continued to give him projects, which he without exception executed in a timely, professional manner. He has a clean, elegant design style and is always happy to get and incorporate our feedback. Overall, a pleasure to work with and a great value for the money. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more details on our experience working with Reghardt.

Chris Madden